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  • Tracy Cooper

    Tracy Cooper

    Reader, musician, crafter and AI nerd β€” generally enjoying life and all it has to offer

  • Harry Styles

    Harry Styles

  • UMDiaspora


    United #Macedonian #Diaspora (UMD) - the premier global voice for #Macedonia and #Macedonians. (RT β‰  endorsement).

  • Dave Barton

    Dave Barton

    Creative copywriter with startup savvy. Scribbles on blockchain, tech, AI, and stacks of other stuff I swear I understand.

  • Kevin Heidrich

    Kevin Heidrich

    VC @ coparion πŸš€ | German Startups | Series B, Series A, Seed

  • Filip Blazheski

    Filip Blazheski

    Re-tweets do not equal endorsements.

  • Eric Drury

    Eric Drury

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